Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have a love-hate relationship with my brother.

Actually, I hate him most of the time, but since he's my brother, I kind of have to deal with it.

We basically hated each other before I moved out. But now that I'm home often, we fight, a lot, like usual. But it wasn't even the fighting that got to me. It's the fact that he doesn't give a shit. Especially for little things.

This past Thursday, I moved out of my old apt. I currently have all my things, split between my bf's house and my home. Since I knew that things would get separated, and I won't be able to move into my new place until the 14th, I made sure to pack things that I'd need. Like 2 weeks worth of clothes, toiletries, make up, etc.

One thing that I need daily? Besides my laptop? MY PHONE CHARGER.

So one of the last things I packed was my charger. It was actually still plugged into the wall when I was cleaning out my room with random crap that I had to either stuff in a box or discard. This is when my brother felt the need to take charge and basically throw away everything he deemed as trash (I'm pretty sure he threw away the test I made for my students..........) and dumped everything else in the few boxes/bags I had lying around.

I tried to keep track of everything as he and his friends (who were TOTALLY HELPING, as my brother was running his mouth the whole time) were also cleaning. Amidst all this, I lost track of my charger.

Yes, the bf and I have the same phones. Yes, I have a usb-connector. But where are they? Both back at his house and I am currently home. 50 miles away.

So I call my dumbass brother today, only to find that the call doesn't go through, and he has gone to the beach, with the phone in his pocket, and went into the ocean. WTF? So I call my cousin, who is also on the beach trip, and he doesn't answer. With the last breath that my phone had, I call one of the girls that went on the trip and have the phone die on me while I was waiting for my brother to get the phone, and realized later, that he was napping so he didn't pick up.


So I call back on the work phone, and he EVENTUALLY calls back. He sounded annoyed that I even called, and tells me that he doesn't even know what my charger looks like. WHAT?! WHAT DOES ANY PHONE CHARGER LOOK LIKE? BLACK? SQUARISH? PLUGS INTO THE WALL? WHAT THE FUCK. He then continues to say that he's never seen it. I tell him that it was either he, or his friend or my cousin that put it away, cuz I DID NOT put it in my bag, where I intended to, so I could have it with me.

I ask him to ask my cousin and the friend, and he just says "hey did you see my sister's phone charger?" to which they replied "no." Duh? Random question out of the blue, and he expects them to have elaborate detailed answers? Or any answer other than a no? He then says he has nothing else to say, so I hang up. So now, I'm phoneless, and I don't even know when I can find my phone charger.

I wouldn't be so worried about it if I didn't have any calls to make or wait on, but I do. Especially because I have to call a family that I tutor to cancel for the next two weeks since I won't be in town. Except now, I can't call them, or this other girl that I tutor every Monday.

I learned my lesson. I will never trust my brother with anything again. I can't believe I asked him to help me move after he purposely dumped miso soup all over my bag of clothes.

Seriously, wtf.

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ilovewendydarling said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that, Donna. If it makes you feel any better- a drunk guy just punched my new car:[ I am so pissed off! ARGH!

I hope things smooth over for the both of us:]