Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, last Friday, I was feeling pretty down and was annoyed at a lot of things. I randomly like to take trips out of town to clear my head, so on impulse, I got my friends to go to Atlanta with me. Here are some pictures since I don't really have much else to say... enjoy!

As far as make up goes in all these pictures, I had no foundation on! Just a layer of MSF (I think, or it may have been some transparent powder finish thing from Clinique, lol). Eyeliner + mascara... and I think that was it!

Continuation of k-drama-like poster pics. Bahaha

Oh yes, what else makes Donna happy? Food.


I'm debating whether I should let myself get lighter or maintain the tan. I haven't been to the tanning bed in a month or two, but the bf likes me darker, as opposed to my friends thinking that I look better lighter. What do you guys think?

Ah, my charisma. Taking all these pictures SOBER. Anyway, it's already 4 and I should sleep before I start feeling depressed and shit again. Thanks everyone for the support though! It's not like I have depression or anything, so I know it'll go away soon as soon as the weather settles. Mm!! Fall!!!


fuzkittie said...

You're the cutest girl!!! *squeezes*
I love the picture of you with the spoon eyes and the last picture, too cute for words. You have such nice skin too, jealous jealous! You don't have ANY dark circles?!!! Amazing!! The food indeed looks yummy, I heart Korean food.

I think you look great with a tan, but I can imagine you looking just snowy and pure when you're pale... I think your beauty works either way, but you know I'm not a tan person myself. So I'll vote for pale! But, it might be better to just do what the bf likes, hahaha.

Jessica Dee said...

you look super cuuuuteee ;]

Glow Chaser said...


Ah! All that yummy looking food.....My tummy is rumbling now!