Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving & Beach Pictures

Time to update! I've been lazy, so I'll update you with a LOTTTTTTTTTT of pictures. Enjoy!

My first time going to Panama City Beach. Definitely won't be the last!

Cheesy footprint picture.

The bf and his buddy pigeon.

First time trying oysters.....they felt like snot in my mouth...ugh

Oh the sunset. We waited for the sunset, and when it did happen, it was gone in like 30 seconds! WTF! Anyway, can you tell which pics are taken with my new phone and which by a digicam? I don't think so! Hahaha. I think as long as I have enough light, the camera on my phone takes amazing pictures... like this:

Okay, anyway, enough with beach pictures. This thanksgiving break was WAY too short! Usually, I'd be bored out of my mind each day, but thanks to the new boy, it seems that my entire month has flown by and I've been busy having too much fun! So, we went to the beach, and that began my thanksgiving break. When we got back, he went to church with me.... and ate a lot. Then we went shopping that day. He tricked me and said he wanted to get something, and ended up getting me a bunch of stuff, then went out to dinner. I should've taken pics! Well, I have a few, but they didn't come out very cute.

Well, then Monday, I bought him dinner. We were wearing matching polos, ahahaha.

Then Tuesday... my mom invited him for dinner. She told me to invite him because she didn't want us going out and spending money, but she said it in a way like she didn't care. Said she wasn't going to prepare a lot of food....... but she did. Ahahaha, my mom's such a dork.

Wednesday, Jin and I met up with one of my really good friends, Virginia, for lunch, during his lunch break. Then we grabbed some coffee and chatted away, and she seemed to really like him, especially a lot more than the last guy :p
(she sucks at taking pics btw. the only one that came out okay was this blurry one -_-)

Then Thursday, we had our annual thanksgiving LUNCH. Jin came over too, and ate lots of food and hung out with all my relatives. Then we headed over to his brother's place to eat with his mom for dinner. His mom also invited the people who were stuck in the lonesome college down whose parents weren't here in the states. How sweet of her!

That night, we drove up to Atlanta, to catch the midnight sale at some outlet mall. I didn't know where we were going until I got to the place, and realized it was the place I came to a few years ago. Anyway, the place was fcking PACKED. Ridiculous. We had to park way on the other side in a Walmart parking lot (which was packed cuz of the cars who couldn't find parking for the mall). We arrived around 12:30 and shopped till around 5am. It was awful. The other 4 that we tagged along with were upset that they didn't get to buy much because of all the waiting in lines and the mass of people, and Jin and I were soo tired that we could barely walk around. But here's a pic we took at Guess? while we were in line to check out...

That night/morning, we slept over at a friend's place, who provided us with yummy gamja tang and some more food in the morning.
Friday, we were still in Atlanta, and left the place around noon. Jin and I went to get some Suno (probably my fav dessert of all time).

Then met up with the rest of the group at H-mart. They headed off to Lenox Mall to do some more shopping, and we went to White Windmill to chill out for a bit, then to Discover Mall to catch Transporter 3. It was an okay movie. Lots of nonsense action and things that doesn't make sense in real life, and Jason Statham took off his shirt every chance he got. I suppose that was worth the $10. Later that night, we went to Honey Pig to eat some goood sam gyup sal!

It eventually turned into this bibimbap stuff, but oh my god, it was sooo good. Here's another pic that we snapped while we were waiting on the food.

After that, we met up with my brother, my cousin, and a friend, and headed off to noraebang! Had some drinks, ate some more, and sang our hearts away, before heading back down to Auburn.

Saturday............. we watched the Iron Bowl. It was extremely disappointing. I was so sad to see that we were shut out, completely. Anyway, I threw a party that night, and we all had a good time. I probably shouldn't show the pictures from that night, but mind you, it was my place, so I didn't drink too much. And like usual, Jin says he'll take care of me, then ends up getting drunk. It's kind of funny, actually. Anyway, the next morning, we (well, I, since he was too busy sleeping) had this to clean up:

Plus 100+ cigarette butts out my front door. Jin picked it all up.... with chopsticks. Ahahahah.

So yea, that was pretty much my Tgiving break in a picturefilled nutshell. I didn't have classes today, so I got to clean my room and now I'm waiting on Jin to come home so we can grab some coffee and head over to the library to prepare for my final tests of the semester... then onto finals. Ahh, the winter break is near! AND SO IS FCKING CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


fuzkittie said...

HOw cute are you two!! It's the best feeling to spend the holidays with people you love~ :] The photos from the beach are priceless.

ilovewendy said...

Aw! Looks like you had a great Turkey Holiday!:)

I actually love H-Mart. It's like the largest Korean grocery place, I think?

Alex is so cute! I'm so sad he's not on 'We Got Married' anymore too:(
I seriously hope he takes up acting or something because he's such a heart throb:) Haha.

Anyhow, take care and talk to you soon!

xppinkx said...


holy shit girl i have missed out on ALOT!!!!!!!!!!! NEW BF...NEW DO!!!...
btw im glad you got rid of that mess you had were too good for him anyway! and your new BF look super cute together!!!...

ahhh yes the holidays are here!