Monday, November 24, 2008

Trying New Things + Beach Trip

I guess a lot happened this week! Jin and I went on a beach trip to Panama City on Friday and got back Saturday night. Wow, it was freaaaaaaaking cold around midnight when we went out onto the beach Friday night... but Saturday was beautiful. Not a speck of cloud in the sky, clear waters, white sand... it was perfect.

Before we left for the beach, I curled my hair with a straightening iron! Turnout? SOO CUTE. Or at least I think, haha.

Anyway, I will update with beach pictures soon. I need to get ready to go work out with my baby, haha. Oh, and it looks like my mom is somewhat interested in him. She invited him for Thanksgiving this Thursday and it looks like he'll join us... oh man...


Jennifer @ said...

oohh so excited for u, ur boy meeting the parents hehe

nd ur hair looks super cute that way too!

ilovewendy said...

My gosh! I did that exact same hair style yesterday!:)
Looks very cute-chic on you<3

Ah! I seriously need to go to the beach. The last time I even saw the ocean was Monterrey Bay and Jeju Island one or two years back? Something like that.

Anyhow, I'm so glad your mommy is interested in your love<3

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with the family:)

Take care and talk to you soon<3

Aradani said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I hope the thanksgiving dinner goes well