Monday, November 17, 2008

AU vs UGA. :(

Sucks that I have to compare, but my weekends have been nothing but fun since I met Jin! Friday, Jin and I went to ASF (Alabama Shakespeare Festival... apparently the 11th biggest Shakespeare theater in the world) to watch A Christmas Carol (the story about Scrooge). After watching, we went to get dinner with my brother and cousin, who came down to go watch the AU vs UGA game the day after. After grabbing dinner with Jin's friends and my bro + cousin, we headed back up to Auburn. Jin, Ian (my brother), and Alex (the cousin), pretty much got trashed that night, and I decided to be responsible and stay the designated driver. Yup... then we went to bed around 5am that night, when we were planning to be up and out of the house by 9am for the 11:30 game.

Saturday morning, we did get up, but everyone was too tired to go out. So we ended up leaving around 11 to pick up Jin, then get to the game around 11:45. We missed the kick off and first few minutes of the first quarter, but it was all good. I would've taken my camera to the game, but I hate lugging stuff around the whole time, and figured I could take pics with my phone... and wow, I am amazed at the quality! Here are a few I snapped at the game.

Not bad for a phone huh! hehehe... I should've taken more.

Anyway, then my brother and cousin headed back down to Montgomery after taking a nap. Jin and I ended up going to a friend's birthday party, and it was a bit awkward at first, because most people knew each other, but weren't close. Eventually, after a few people left, things lightened up. Jin was the oldest there, and I was the youngest... and they were calling me hyungsoo nim..................


LOL. I laughed about it the whole night. I don't know if I can get used to be called that! Anyway, I figured Jin would end up drinking a lot, so I only had 2-3 shots early in the night and was gonna call it a night. This guy Eric thought I had to drive back an hour to drive Jin home that night, and was letting me off easy when he found out that I lived in Auburn and everyone decided to make me drink. My body took alcohol very well that night, and after 15 shots and then some, I was all good! I chilled out for about an hour before I drove back home around 4:30.

Sunday, we woke up around noon, and grabbed lunch at a local chinese restaurant to get some jjambbong and kkan poong gee. mmm!!!

Sigh... as much as things have been good and fun, Chris talked to me today, and he seems really heart broken. He says he loves me and is tired of waiting, and told me that he misses me and is really sorry for what he's done in the past. He admitted that he took me for granted but it will change in the future, and that he promises that. Then he reminded me that he never breaks his promises...

awflekjlwkfjawef as much as I was tired of always waiting on him, I feel bad for him now.

Anyway, Jin is actually 25, turning 26 a week before I turn 20. lol. A lot of people think he's around 22-23 though, so I guess it's not bad. Except sometimes, people think I looke 15-17...... wtf. He graduated from here with a degree in Architecture back in 06, then picked up a Master's from UIUC last year. Now he's finishing up his intern thing and studying for the 9 exams he has to take...

Ok I'm rambling about random stuff, so I need to stop blogging before I start talking nonsense. I'll post more pictures soon! haha.


fuzkittie said...

Aw glad you had a great weekend with Jin! Beggars are losers, so screw your ex... again.. hahaha. 15 shots?! OMG! You can drink!

heidi said...

wuuut. i am from UIUC! (urbana champaign right??) i graduated undergrad in 07 and masters of accounting in 08! small world!

glad u are so happy now ^___^. didn't want to say it before, but ur old bf was kinda lame always making u wait around and being shady about the other girl (courtney?).

cheers to u!