Monday, July 27, 2009

About Time I Stop Lurking and Post Something Beauty Related...

Alright gals! It's about time that I actually did some reviews and critiques instead of lurking around and posting! I've had a bit of hauling the past month so I'm gonna get right to the point instead of talking about usual ramblings (will do that later) and will start with my new sheer tinted moisturizer from Dermalogica.

Dermalogica: Sheer Moisture SPF 15
Okay, well that's a gigantic picture but for some reason it's not letting me resize. LFKWJEFLK

What they claim: Sheer Tint Moisture SPF15 is a convenient, three-in-one product: a lightweight, oil-free moisturier, a sheer color wash and sun protection. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

What I think: Okay, so I have been searching for a tinted moisturizer with SPF that happens to be LIGHT in texture. I picked this in LIGHT (for the color). I picked this up for around ~$40 at Ulta. Anyway, after trying it on a few days, I think I like it a lot. I have a "normal" skin and doesn't tend to get oil or dry, but with this, it does tend to get me a bit oily. I'm not sure if it's because I've been sweating like a dog, or it's just this product. I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone that's oily though, lol. Other than that, I like the sheer tint, and by combining it with a translucent powder, you have a very natural but perfect complexion! I love it!

Amazingcosmetics: Amazingconcealer

What they claim: A Little Amazing is a smooth, full coverage formula that evenly conceals dark circles, blemishes, sun damage, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and more. The rich formula features highly concentrated pigment, allowing you to cover your problem areas using less formula than traditional concealers. The complexion's tone is smooth and even, leaving the skin looking fresh and flawless.

What I think: I think I've found my HG concealer! I have pretty dark dark circles, and it's been a bitch to cover them. I think God has been pretty fair about skins, since I think I've been awarded with a pretty tolerable and good skin but he gave me the worst dark circles! lol. Anyway, I picked this up in Light Golden, and the "little amazing" is 0.2oz for $28. Friggen expensive! But to be fair, you only need maybe HALF or THIRD of a pea sized amount to literally cover your entire face. What I don't like about it is that the packaging could have been better, more shaped like the Dermalogica's bottle, since this thing squirts out the concealer everywhere when I don't even need that much, and it gets so messy! But, I will put it up with it, as it covers my terribad circles. hahah

H2O+: Marine Cleansing Gel

What they claim: An oil-free, water-based gel that foams away make-up and surface impurities while soothing skin with micro encapsulated softening beads. Leaves skin feeling clean, clear and refreshed without stripping or drying. Sea Mineral Complex helps maximize the delivery of hydrating marine extracts, including wakame, sea fennel, sea lettuce and acacia, which help maintain the skin's essential balance.

What I think: I bought this for $20. I've been using it on and off, and haven't broken out to it. I do like that my face feels moisturized after a wash, and there are no tightening sensations or drying spots. Most of the cleansers I've used gave me this feeling, as I don't have much oil on my face! Anyway, I'd recommend this to anyone, with any skin, since I loved the way my face felt cleaner without feeling dried out.

Palladio: Lip Gloss

Well, it's just a lip gloss. hahaha. I picked this up in Pink Souffle (the above color) and See Thru for $4.49 each. It's not a very sticky consistency, and I haven't noticed a smell to it, so it must have been good, hahaha. I've picked up some terrible lippies lately, and this is probably the best lip gloss I picked up for cheap. The pink souffle looks super cute alone or on top of a lip stick, and see thru can be used on top of a light concealer on your lips to give you a great nude lips.

Palladio: Lipstick

I got this in "Frost" which is the above color. I'll get around to doing swatches and what it actually looks like, in the next post, since this post is already getting long! $5.99 and it has a decent color payoff and pretty moisturizing for my often-chapped lips.

NYX: Round Lipstick
Got these in Harmonica and Celo. Love the Celo, not so much the harmonica.

NYX: Lipgloss
Got one in Sweet Heart and HATE IT. WTF! It feels way too sticky and the color is too dense for me to apply and look natural with it. Maybe for someone wanting to PAINT their lips, this is the way to go, but I was looking for a faint pink tint! BAH! Will return this later when I get the chance.

Smashbox: The Mini Lip & Eye Palette
I think this retails for around $25 but many have found it cheaper elsewhere. Like me. LOL. I found it at Costco for $7 so I picked up two! The colors are great for a quick and simple smokey eyes, and the lip glosses are pretty nice. Since my lips are very pigmented, I find it hard to use the lower lip gloss, but I really like the top one.

I also picked up a Glimmer Bronzer by Bonnebell for like $3 at walmart, and it's a pretty nice bronzer. My only qualms with it is that every time it moves around in my make up bag, a whole crapload comes out (within the container though). This makes it hard to dip my brush into it and apply and it's kinda annoying. But, I will dismiss it since it's cheap and the color is very pretty.

I'm pretty sure I picked up a bunch of other things, but I can't remember what all I picked up. hahahah. I will post them as soon as I remember them.


So onto the NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE. I went rafting. Woo yay, fun, right? YES. IT WAS FUN! UNTIL I ALMOST DIED! We were on the Ocoee river, where they redid part of the river to create the Olympic course they used in summer of '96 Olympics. Damn, that's already 13 years ago. Anyway, so there are 2 main BIGASS (one is called Humongous, lol) holes in that part of the river, and apparently it's the most dangerous part of the course. Duh.

The guide we had claimed that he had 15 years of experience on that river. I felt a bit safer, but we kept getting stuck on EVERY SINGLE DAMN ROCK IN THE RIVER. We had 2 other teams of friends on different rafts (there were 19 people on our trip so we divided them into 6, 6, 7 people rafts), and they were annoyed that they had to wait for us every time we got stuck. I didn't feel so safe after about the third rock we got stuck on, since this guy seemed to be a total asshole and a noob. Nonetheless, the rafting was fun... until...

we got to those two holes. They sent the other two teams ahead of us, for safety reasons, since we seemed to be doing the worst. They went over the two holes fine, but when we went...
another raft followed too closely...


Meaning they clipped ---> / the lower part of that slash while we were up like this. of course, they were facing \ since they were coming down. This ended up flipping us, and several of us were trapped under the damn raft. You'd think, oh 27.5lbs of PFD and under the air pocket of a 14ft raft? No problemo. NO! The current was so fucking strong that we were constantly dipping in and out of the water, and it was hell to be caught under it! That and there were rocks all over the river, and we were being thrown into and bashed against them. Yup, we all got banged up.

So one of my friends, grabbed onto a rock (dunno how) and clung onto it for her dear life till she got rescued. My bf's brother, held onto his oar the whole time (REALLY DONT KNOW HOW HE MANAGED THIS) while grabbing onto the raft (he was one of the people holding it down while we were trapped) and grabbed onto a rope that was thrown to him, and he made it out alright. The bf smashed his ankle somewhere and has a nasty cut and managed to lose one of his shoes -_- but he also swam out alive. The other and the guide also swam out okay.

So where was I? And the last dude? Under the fucking raft. I think I knew it was coming, because before we flipped, I took a big breath and that's probably what saved me. I was trapped under the raft and my heart was racing, and was thinking that this is the last time I'll ever take a breath alive and guzzled in water while trying to take a breath. Well, then I somehow got out from under the raft (the raft weighs a little over 120lbs btw) and when I took another breath of air as soon as I surfaced, I saw my friends' raft and their oars drawn to me for me to hold on to. They paddled their way closer, and I grabbed onto one for my dear life.

Somewhere on the way, I smashed my leg/ankle on one of the rocks and sprained my ankle and scraped my shin, but I didn't realize it until I was on the boat. The guy who gave me the oar panicked, and didn't pull me up quite right away, and I was still drinking a shitload of water at this point. Eventually, one of my friends from back of the raft was like WTF?? PULL HER UP, came around to the front, and pulled me up by my PFD. Oh man, I thought I really was gonna die.

My bf eventually came from the upper river (since I was washed down pretty far), missing a shoe, flailing his arms, land looking very worried. He finally saw me and I burst into tears :( I don't know if I want to go rafting again, considering I NEARLY DIED! But it was fun. and a thrill. hahaha, and knowing myself, I'd probably do it again.

Oh, and the guy that pulled me up from the river, also managed to pick up Jin's shoe floating down the river. LOL

I will be posting pics from the rafting trip, as the place we rented the rafts from felt pretty bad and gave me all the pics they took of us for free. haha!


Aradani said...

... I'm afraid to dive into the deep end of my own pool, I am never going rafting. I'm traumatized FOR you!
I'm glad you're safe, well, reviewing, and have found your hg concealer!

ilovewendydarling said...

OMG! That was like freaking scary to read! I'm so glad you made it out alive and found Jin's shoe:]

Yeah, me and the outdoors is never a good thing. I almost died falling off a waterfall:[ Crappiest day of my life.

Anyhow, I missed you!<3 Can't wait for more of your updates!:]