Monday, July 20, 2009

Late update

Hey guys, so I've been pretty busy and haven't been able to update. I have a lot of reviews for you guys! I actually went rafting this weekend and had a near-death experience :( Thankfully, I came out with ONLY a sprained ankle and scraping/bruising my entire left shin, but at least I didn't drown!

Anyway, more on that later...

So since I'm not actually going to review the things I got today, I'll just name the ones so I can remind myself to do it later!

LORAC the double ended concealer thing... I'll look it up later since I can't remember now lol
Amazingcosmetics concealer
Bonnebell bronzer
Dermalogica moisturizing sheer tint
H2O+ some kind of cleanser thing

I think I have a few more, but I really can't remember what, so I'll have to dig through my makeup bag. I am on the edge about trying the MUFE HD powder and the foundation, so if anyone has any qualms or praises about it, let me know!

Till when I can remember to update again... I'll keep lurking!

Oh and Aradani, TY for the tutorial!!!

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Aradani said...

you're welcome. too bad that concealer isn't your hg, but i hope you find it soon.
and omg what in the world was this near-death experience?? i'm glad you're safe.
i use the mufe hd finishing powder, and i really love how finely-milled it is. i bought my first one with a sephora discount and recently bought a used one from fuzkittie to have as a spare. haha as you can see, i'm not deviating from this powder for a while. i've heard paul and joe's is better, but it's soooo expensive. i wanted to try their foundation but i couldn't find the right color match =[