Wednesday, August 5, 2009



It's time to get honest. I am a terrible eater. I eat the most unhealthiest foods and drink coke all the time. I'm actually surprised that I haven't put on more weight from the lack of exercise and the way I've been eating.

Anyway, since Monday, I've completely cut out my favorite drink, coke. I haven't really thought about it, and since I'm a typical college student, eating fastfoods all the time to fill in my hunger, it was easier for me to drink coke all the time. It's been hard trying to change the way I eat, so since Monday, I have been filling my hunger with fruits instead of more soda. Yes, every time I got hungry, I drank coke.

I guess 3lbs in 3 days is a pretty good start. But I think my body is just shedding the weight that have been put on by drinking so much damn coke! That and fried foods. I've been eating cereal for breakfast as opposed to skipping them, and for lunch, I'd make a sandwich to eat. For snacks? More fruits!

Oh, on another note, I need to do a review on the DHC cream foundation. All I can say is that I LOVEE it. Thanks to Eki, I've found my HG foundation! Will do a review soon. :)


Sabine said...

LOL I used to be a huge coke addict and drank at least 1.5L a day. Hahaha I only stopped because of ulcer and irrational fear of developing diabetes. :)

donna said...

lol if I don't stop it soon, I'll probably develop diabetes! I think my grandma on my dad's side has it although I'm not 100% sure, so there may be a genetic chance that I could have it if I don't change my habits soon :(