Monday, July 28, 2008


So we went through some interesting topics in my ethics class today. We went over the Sameness and Differences principles. Is it equally wrong/bad to let someone die as it is to kill someone?

Suppose that you hate someone, and have the intention to kill them. So you do your thing and drown them in water. Suppose that I have the same intention, but instead of drowning them, I find the person already drowning. I let the person drown. Are we equally bad?

I thought about it, and Rachels, who supports the sameness principle says that not doing anything is still doing something. By not doing anything to help the person from drowning, is doing something. Doing something that contributed to their death. I guess it works in some sense, especially when I applied it to what have been going on with my bf. My bf and the hoe Courtney...... I yelled at him about her for the last time last night. According to him, she's the one texting and whatnot, but by him "not doing anything" about it, he is just as much doing something! If he made it clear that she should leave him the fuck alone, then he could've avoided all this. But nooo, because of "work relations" he has to be nice to her. Fuck that. If I ever get the chance, I'd let the bitch drown and laugh because

A: according to Utilitarianism, if the net happiness is greater than the net unhappiness, then the action is justified. Meaning, my happiness will be at about 100000000 when her unhappiness of dying is at about 10..... so yeah, 100000000 > 10.

B: according to Psychological Egoism, if my intention wasn't to kill, but it was because of something else, then it would be justified. Meaning, my choice of lack of action is because I'm too lazy to waste my energy in saving the fatass, not that I didn't want to save her.

C: if Mother Nature wants to let her course of natural selection work its magic, who am I to get in the way?

Anyway, onto lighter topics...
I spent the entire weekend with the bf. I'm kinda tired of him now, lol. We went and saw Step Brothers on Friday night....... it was an ok movie at best. Kinda funny, but pretty stupid. Saturday... we had brunch together, I went and moved some stuff into my new condo, had dinner together, then I headed back home... to my HOME where my parents are. Sunday, I tutored, drove back, then went grocery shopping with the bf. Before we left though, there were ants all over his car! Wtf??? I got bit..... in like 3 diff places. I hate ants. I hate bugs. Ugh. Then I cooked some sandwiches out of what we had at the house. It was kinda like buttered grilled-cheese sandwich with cooked chicken covered in seasoned crumbs. Something was missing though, I couldn't really put a finger on it. I wanted to put some tomato sauce on it, but the bf said he didn't think it would taste right. We ended up eating some pepperjack potato chips or something with it, so it kinda evened out.

Oh, while out grocery shopping with the bf, I finally found some glycerin! I've looked everywhere for it! Some places required that you need prescription for it (wtf?) and some places just didn't have it. I found one yesterday, so I snagged one while I could. Except, I'm not really sure how to apply it. My brush ends up soaking up the mixing medium, and even if I drain it out a bit, there's too much water to compensate for the pigments. How the hell do I apply with mixing medium!!! wtfxfkjawelkf

Haha, the bf and I were discussing this girl he went out on a date with once (cuz we sort of ran into her at the restaurant on Saturday). She was blonde, had a very tall jewish like nose, and a big forehead, hahaha. I don't think she was that bad looking though. She was pretty petite and looked pretty put together in my opinion. He said she was too "country" and was raised on a farm and whatnot, and they didn't get along very well. I said she had a big nose like Courtney, had a big forehead like her, and was blonde, except she was petite. Then the bf accused of me of thinking that I thought of myself as little miss perfect. Wtf! I complain about what my body COULD be all the time, but he says face-wise, he thinks I'm perfect. I explained that I could to a certain extent alter how my body looks, but I can't do anything about my face. If I had my way, I'd want larger eyes, smaller face, taller nose bridge and whatnot. Since I'm not for cosmetic surgery, there's no reason for me to complain about something I can't change.

So the moral of the post? Eat your veggies!

Not really. Sigh, I still need to pack and go furniture shopping to get ready to move in this weekend................... so much to do, so little time.........

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xppinkx said...

i think everone has their own opinion on what they think is perfect...

me for one would get my tits nose and an eye lift...but that's just me...

the reason why they dont sell glycerin in reg. stores is because it's an ingredient to make explosives...ummm what is glycerin used for? pigements im kinda lost?