Thursday, July 31, 2008

DRAMA! Oh, and happy belated 7 months to uss <3

So, it's that time again when I have to write a paper and prepare a speech by tomorrow and I decide to sit here and write an entry instead.

DRAMA: So as far as that goes, I've opened pandora's box the other day when I came across a forum that I was linked to by an ex. It was about bikes (turbo hayabusaaaa). I looked around then began to browse through the forum, when I realized that it's the same forum that hosts car meets weekly in my area, and that I've actually been to one with my bf few months back. He hasn't gone in a while, and I forgot about it, so I thought it was interesting how I ended up there and kept browsing.

Then I came across a thread, giving an award for best/worst of the forums. After quickly skimming through and noticing that my ex was nominated for a bunch of asshole-like things, I saw that the 2nd post after the awards were given, had my bf's s/n in it. Of course that intrigued me, so I kept reading. The post said something along the lines that my bf should've won the best NSF thread for his exgf thread. What??? exgf??? SO THIS IDIOT curious george, aka, donna, decides to hit the search button and look for it. Voila, it comes up, but sadly, I needed to join the forums. It was a sign I should stop looking, but no, I persisted. I finally saw the thread, and my bf posted that his exgf was a slutbag/whore and that they should flick her off if they saw her. His post apparently had pictures, but it was no longer available (the post was approximately 9 months back). It wasn't that interesting, so I kept reading through the pages (there were 9) and I saw various random pictures of guys posting topless girls saying this and that and acting like guys. Then I stopped on page 6. One of the guys apparently had saved copies of the original pictures, and reposted them on his private server. 6 pictures of Lauren, my bf's ex that he dated officially for 2 weeks, was on the page. 2 of her in one of his shirts, the rest, topless, on his bed.


What the hell did I just dig myself into.

I linked that specific post to Chris and said I didn't know what to make of the situation. He began to explain to me that he didn't mean anything to her and that she had cheated on him so he was lashing out at her, and only uploaded 2 of the clothed pictures of her, and the rest were stolen by his coworker and uploaded via his account (the pictures were under someone else's account so that checked out). He said it was in the past and it was the last thing he wanted me to see and that he wished we could just drop it and move on. I didn't know what to think. We talked about it, had some dinner, I got to feeling better, and went over to his place, and all I could think about was that skank on his bed! It actually took me at least half an hour before I sat next to him on his bed after he said I was being weird and needed to get over it. We spent some good quality time together, then I headed home after tucking him in. I was all happy and dandy when I started thinking and noticed loose ends and details that didn't add up.

Somewhere in my skimming through the 6 pages, I remember reading that Chris had posted something about photobucket taking down his pictures because they were in violation of the terms. This only happens when there is inappropriate or copy righted content... and why are clothed picture considered inappropriate... So I began to scan through again. Sigh, wtf is wrong with me. I looked through, and everything began to confirm my suspicion (when he told me he only posted 2 pics, my head was screaming BULLSHIT, but I decided to take his word anyway). I couldn't find the post he wrote about photobucket anymore, when I realized he edited the posts right after I mentioned it to him earlier that day! WTF??? So being a bit more alarmed, I began to thoroughly look through the contents. As with all forums, when a post is quoted, it doesn't change because the original poster changes his or her content. UNluckily for Chris, of the 2-3 posts he edited out, they were all quoted right under him by some dude. After getting increasingly upset that he lied to me, I texted him: "You lied to me" hehe, talk about being direct.

So the next morning, (our 7 months...) he gives me a call and says that he doesn't know what I'm talking about. I was dumbfounded that he would actually take it this far and still deny it. I explained to him what I had found and why it didn't make sense. He was still giving me excuses...... when I was finally fed up and said, if I were to ask your coworker right now, would he tell me what you did? I guess he felt guilty, finally admitted to uploading all 6 pictures. Now, I was ready to forget about the whole situation, EVEN if he had posted the topless pictures of her. As far as I was concerned, I didn't like the girl as much as he did, considering he cheated on her and I don't know her. Frankly, I didn't give a fuck about her. But I was just disappointed that he would lie to me and take it this far. He explained to me that there are some things that he wouldn't want me seeing, and that he didn't want it to hurt our relationship and possibly break my trust because of something he did that he isn't proud of before he even met me. He wanted it to just go away, but I didn't let it go and it came to that point. He said he wanted to protect me from it. Umm, as much as that sounds all squishy and nice, I hate it when people tell me they wanted to protect me from something by lying to me. I told him straight up that I'll forgive him and forget about it as long as he promises to be honest in the future. If he doesn't want to talk about something because he's ashamed, he should just tell me the reason why and tell me he doesn't want to talk about it. It's not like I'm going to strangle him for it xD

Anyway, later that night, we got together and I cooked, and he invited some friends over and hung out. Then we spent some MORE quality time together.... lol.

He looks super happy here, like we never even fought. It could be that his hand is on my boob -_-.

Anyway, onto a lighter note. Courtney was actually texting Chris the night I was out at dinner with him talking about the issue the night it came up. She was being retarded and he said he remembered her saying she wanted to talk to him about something. Well he spent the entire night with me so I guess she never got a chance. I ask him today what she wanted, and he said she wanted to know whether he was mad at her cuz he hadn't been talking to her lately. Hah! GOOD! I laughed and said that he should've told her that she's not worth his breath to talk to. I even jokingly added on that I'd do his house chores for a month if he actually said that to her.

Few minutes later, he sends me a text saying he said it, which she replied "wtf? what's your deal?" and that now I had to do his chores. WTF#@$@#%@% I asked if she cried, and he said no. I said it didn't count if she didn't cry. :)

So yeah, now I'm sitting here... half writing my paper, and somewhat doing research for my speech that's to be delivered tomorrow...........................................sigh. I also need to pack tomorrow and be done with it so I can have an easy moving day on Saturday.

Hope you girlies are having a fun week, I know my life always gets a little crazy right before finals. BOO!!!


xppinkx said...

what a perve he is gropping you for all the world tooo such a prude! lol

man DRAMA indeed...boys that lie should have their uglies slapped...real hard

Terrishka said...

lol, oh boy drama...

had my share of being a curious george and opening pandora's box recently as well -_-;;

before me and the bf dated he had collected all of the remnants of his past relationship with his ex into a shoebox (like photos, etc) which he had intended to throw away but forgot. When I was home alone I saw the box in his closet and got very curious about it... I couldn't contain myself and I opened it like Pandora's box as you said XD. His ex was his first love, and so the box was filled with a bunch of Hallmark-happy pictures that really hurt me to see. Stupid me didn't say anything about it and put it back to where it was originally. Over the course of A YEAR he still kept the box, even though I would hint at it a few times (without making it sound like I knew what was inside) and he even cleaned out his closet. It really hurt because he had so many opportunities to throw it away but didn't. So anyways one night we drank at his house with a friend and in my drunkenness, I dug out the box out of his closet and made a big huge scene about it. I kept crying and asking him why he didn't throw it out, etc etc. The day after I sobered up he told me that he had meant to throw the box away in the river but got too lazy to do that, and that everything in the box no longer meant anything to him. He apologized for hurting me and said that in his life no one has more control over him than I do. And I do believe him when he says that... we've been going out for much longer than he did with his ex, went through so much more, etc etc. Haha, anyways that's my little story. Just wanted to tell it to someone who could possibly relate :).