Friday, August 8, 2008

Moving & Finals

Yay! So I finally moved into my new place on the 2nd but STILL don't have furniture in my room yet. Talk about being lazy *rolls eyes*

I packed most of my stuff into boxes the night before, but dumb me, forgot to tape up the boxes and they were all open, hahaha. So the next day, the BF texts me and asks me to come over and make him breakfast (what balls to have to ask me that at 9am!) but not only that, but to pick up bacon and eggs on the way. I bitched at him till he finally got out of bed and went and picked it up himself (after arguing about how he got home at 3 cuz he had to go out of town, and my rebuttal being that I was up going back and forth moving stuff till 230 so I was just as tired...).

He was in the shower when I walked in, so I helped myself to cooking a nice little breakfast :) I don't know whether it's his stovetop or his pan, but it was lopsided and my eggs came out funny looking... and he tells me I fail at making eggs. PFT at least they were good! Soo.. we had eggs, bacon, toast & some good ol' OJ and he arranged my food in the shape of a smiley haha. We watched 10,000 B.C. while eating breakfast, then finished watching the Invisible (even though we both have already seen it) before heading over to my place.

He wanted to leave my car there (I drive a 240sx... so it's not like I could've loaded up much stuff anyway) but he drives a GTI! Not like his car loads up much more! Good thing I didn't have any furniture to move. :) We finished the move in 2 trips and he seemed excited about it. It's a 3bd 3 1/2 bath condo with a HUGEASS kitchen (I LOVE IT) and I think it's a little over 1900sq ft in total. When I lived at my old apt, he came over like... less than 10 times to pick me up, and probably less than 5 times to just hang out. I've been here a week and he's already come over to hang out at least 4 times from what I can count, haha. It could partly be that he's not really getting along with his current roommate and wants to stay away but, oh well!

So yea, finals rolled around (5th-7th) but I had 2 on 6th and 1 on 7th. I don't know what it is with guys and creating drama or things for me to worry about during the finals. It's like they know that my stress level has me easily agitated, twice than normal, so they bug me just so they can see me flip out for no reason. Oh yeah, soo...I get easily distracted while I study (although I did get a lot of studying done in the dining table, haha.)

Just look!
Monday night:

Tuesday night:

Wednesday night:

I guess I gradually looked less scrubby even though it usually worsens.

So Monday night, the bf wants to hang out, says he wants to see if I can come out to company dinner with him, turns out it'll only be a few of the guys, so he says he'd be done in an hour-hour 1/2 and will be over. 3 hrs later.......... he calls and says he's at a bar, and got dragged out by his boss. Says this and that, asks me why I couldn't hang out the next day (I had told him I'd be tied up Mon-Wed night for finals). I reminded him, and he tells me to study during the day -_- Well, I eventually end up making time for him, and Tuesday night rolls along. He wanted to go out to dinner with me and hang out, and when I called him, he said he was on his way to BWW... wtf?? He tells me that he and his coworkers were going out, he asked if I could come, and they said no. Umm ok. He asks me if I'm mad (...) then asks me to trust him. Says he promises he'll be done in an hour to and hour and a half and will be over. Hour and a half later, I text him saying he should just hang out with his coworkers since I need to study anyway (I was pissed OFF and didn't even wanna see him). He texts back.. "I don't think I can make it..." Wow I blew up on him. He asked me if I was home, and I was like.. where else would I be. I was home studying ALL day for your ass. He asks again, and I said I was leaving. As I grabbed my stuff to head out to a coffee shop, I see him standing in front of the door, leaning against his car, saying "surprise!"



Wednesday, he rolls in around 8, we head out for dinner, dessert, then just chilled... he killed a spider for me. I think that pretty much summed up that night.

Yesterday, my friend from my hometown came up to see me, we hung out, ate dinner, baked BROWNIES!!! Oh man, I was on a sugar rush from the strawberry lemonade I had at O'Charley's on top of the brownies... the BF came by to hang out a little bit (we had gotten in a fight about something stupid earlier in the day). Eventually, they both left, and I had a huge batch of brownies that I really wanted to eat... except I was too full to.

So today, my brother was supposed to come up and hang out, except I'm planning on telling him to stay home, and that I'll come down tomorrow. The bf is flying out to Iowa tomorrow for APR Motorsports Race with the owner of the company. He's been getting on the good side of him, and got invited out to fly out on a private jet with Stephen (the owner) and hang out with him. I'm happy for him that work is going well in his favor :) Anyway, so I plan on chilling with him tonight for a bit, then heading down to do my tutoring so I can get some $$$ and replenish my wallet.

One day... I will get around to doing exciting EOTD/LOTD and tutorials... but for now, my daily ramblings will have to do. Till later, ciao!

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heidi said...

what! how can your hair be awkward?? it looks so smooth and shiny in all your pixxxxx.

lolol, i love it when you post cuz then the DONNALANANANANA is bolded in my reader - it just looks so hyper and exciting :D

ahhh... i love o'charleys and their yummy sweet rolls. there was one around campus, but i've graduated and now theres none around me! better for my belly i suppose =.='''''