Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor day weekend!

Ah, it's only Tuesday night (I guess technically Wednesday) and I'm already looking forward to the weekend (although I only have a day of classes on Thursday).

I'm glad to see that people are reading and commenting on my blog! Makes me excited to see that someone out there is reading whatever crap I write up. Maybe I should edit it and make it neater and nicer for YOU guys out there reading... ehehehe.... or not.

So.. as you guys can see, my bf brought this little... darling to me last night.

And here goes the full story...
The bf and I have been having problems. He wanted his space, I gave him space, and with time, I grew distant (albeit it was only about a week and a half hahaha). Not like I completely cut off from him either. Anywho, I told him about it and of course he said I was making a big deal out of it. Blah blah! So I think it was Sunday night when I told him that he was pushing me away, whether he intended to or not. I was actually kind of upset that he wasn't checking up on me to see if I was feeling better (he KIND of has, but only when I brought it up, so it doesn't count!). Anywho, he suggests that we hang out the night after. I told him I wasn't pressuring him to do anything, and if he felt pressured, he shouldn't do it. ONLYYYYYYYYYY and IF ONLYYYYYYYYY he wanted to see me, then I would. He said he did, and that was that.

The next day rolls around, and all day, I let him be. Usually, I'd be the one checking up on it, msging/texting him during the day while he's at work to see what we are planning to do that night. BUT, I frankly I wanted to see how much effort he was willing to put in. All day I kept myself busy, hung out with friends, and 7pm rolls around, when he gets off work. At 7:01, like clockwork, he gives me a call and asks me what I'm doing then sounded disappointed to see that I was out hanging out with friends, since I'm usually at home waiting for him by the time he gets off work. But nope, I've wasted so much time waiting on him to get off work, cuz he often gets tied up talking to a coworker or his boss afterwards and all I do is WAIT. *NOTE* this girl, DONNA, is SUPER IMPATIENT.

He tells me that he was gonna talk to his boss for a min and he'd call me back. 2hrs and 15 minutes later, he calls. Within that time, I sent him 2 texts and called him once to see wtf was going on. I was really annoyed at this point, because he was the one that wanted to hang out with me then decides to disappear. I was about to flip shit! He finally calls me around 9:15 and says "OMG donna, you'll never guess what happened!" In a super monotone and not-at-all excited voice, I ask, "what." Then he tells me the story of how he was talking with his boss and went outside since his boss needed a cig break and he heard strange noises. Come to find out, he finds this little 3 week old kitty in the bushes at work. So he was running around trying to find food and a little basket and blankets and bottles and whatnot for it................. and completely forgot that he was supposed to call me. I understand guys are ADD and all but he completely loses track sometimes and it's really irritating, especially in situations like this.

He sounded super excited (he loves cats) and was telling me he'd be over at my place in 5 minutes. Then he finally caught the drift and asked me why I sounded mad. I told him exactly why. Now... usually, he'd be like "ok..whatever I'll see you later then" or something and avoid the situation any further. Instead, he asked me if it was alright if he could bring the cat over (even though we have a 6 month old lab/boxer mix who'd love to eat it).
This is Duke, and Turbo aka, POOPY.

I reluctantly agreed and he popped in with a kitty in a basket. LOL!

After seeing the kitty fall asleep, he asked me if I had dinner yet, and that he was super hungry, so we went out to grab something to eat. Although I hadn't eaten, I frankly didn't have much appetite from being sick, and swallowing any drink/food was a pain cuz of the sore throat. He was in a strangely good bf mood, because as soon as we got out of my house, he hugged me and said he missed me. Then he held my hand in the car, proceeded to tell me that I looked beautiful that night, even though I was sick and wasn't dolled up (then added, "oh crap, that probably came out wrong, but i do mean you look beautiful!"), held my hand while we were seated at the table, and gave me kisses across the table even though I was coughing up a nasty storm. hahaha. Honestly, if I were him, I dunno if I'd want to kiss my sick gf who was coughing up mucus LOL.

So we get back, and we had a nice substantial talk for the first time in a while. No more avoiding topics, no more "dropping" topics, no more excuses. He owned up to the fact that he was at fault for not putting as much effort into rebuilding the relationship, apologized for it, and admitted that he wasn't putting as much effort into it as I was and that he appreciated me for it. The talk was actually pretty quick and painless. I looked like I was crying cuz I was lying on my side, but my eyes and nose had been runny all day! Anyway, he tells me that he was heading home this weekend down to Pensacola, and asked me to come along. He asked me to come down with him 2 months ago, but I was down in Destin on a family vacation with my parents, so it was a no go. He actually hasn't been home since then because of Waterfest in July and just busy with work this month. I'm not sure how I feel about it, since it is a 3 day weekend, and I don't know how well it would work out spending 3 days with him and his family. I would be meeting his parents + sister for the first time, along with his bestfriend Mike, and it would be a great opportunity to put in a last beach trip before fall rolls in. Our 8 months is actually coming up this Saturday, so maybe we'll have a nice bonding time this weekend and it won't be so bad since his parents seem really cool from what I've been hearing.

The 6'2 ~200lb bf... and the 6" ~2lb kitty

Aside from all that, I feel better with the whole being sick thing... BUT I am once again in bad terms with my ex bf again. hahaha. I've been venting to him about my relationship issues and he's been pretty subjective about it, putting in his own experiences he had in his previous relationship (he's still crazy about this girl). He was actually telling me to move on and look for other people instead of waiting for Chris. Bastard! Why would I do that? That's being shady and I'd be seeing people behind his back! Long story short, I for some reason mentioned it to Chris, then mentioned to Jason (the ex) that I told Chris, and Jason flips out and tells me I'm stupid for misinterpreting him and that he'll never give me advice again (not like I took it anyway). He then continues his rant about how he thinks all girls are stupid, and says "sorry, but you just added to it." Except, I told him that I was sorry that he felt that way, and to let me know when he gets over his "stupid" exgf, and meets his next stupid gf. I'd gladly congratulate him on being stupid enough to date someone stupid. Maybe he should be gay then?

OH YEAH! I forgot to add, but I sat around since I had a lot of time today, and played with some shadows! Used gold and some rusty looking color and some shimmery browns... paired with some heavy mascara and not so heavy black eyeliner. It looks awesome! Woo. Then I decided to see if I could make it a little more interesting and added a turquoise glitter liner to it on top of the black eyeliner. Actually didn't look too bad. Sadly, I was playing around with colors and botched the other eye. Hahaha, maybe I'll get a chance to do the look this weekend! My blog has been lacking some beauty related junk...mm


heidi said...

LOL "super monotone and not-at-all excited voice"

i think i have this one perfected... except im a mean gf and use it for no reason TT___TT

cute kitty!! i love animals (furry ones), but i cant get one cuz i have a parrot who is scared of everrrythinggg except short yellow asians.

Jessica Dee said...

hey girl..haha I found some eye serum today! reminded me of you! meeting the parentals huh???