Saturday, August 30, 2008

8 months!

Happy 8 months to the bf and I!

His roommate is moving out today (after a huge drama that ensued due to his moving out...more on that later!)

We actually couldn't go to Pensacola this weekend :(. Sadly, his car wasn't done by Friday like the guy at the dealership had let him know. So... it is postponed indefinitely. BUT today is our kickoff game! AU vs LA Monroe! We'll soooo kick their asses... but anyway... I'm not going to the game. Probably head out for the tailgate in a little bit to eat some ribs and good BBQ but I think the bf and I are supposed to go out tonight.

So, his roommate, Andy, decided to put in his 2 weeks notice, quit his job, and return to Pensacola and move back in with his parents to supposedly save money and build his life back up there, since he didn't like it here in Auburn. Sad. BUT, as much as I'm oh so ever slightly bummed that he's moving, there was a huge deal surrounding it because he failed to put in his 30 days notice to the landlord. So Chris is having to stick around for another month, and paying the full rent (Andy refuses to pay his half of the rent, even though the apt is under his name, saying he won't be living there anyway so he won't pay.) Apparently, Andy still hasn't talked to the landlord, but Chris has. The landlord told Chris that he can move out at the end of September since he let her know, but he will be the one receiving the security deposit that Andy had put in since Andy hasn't put in his 30 days notice, and won't be there when the landlord will be doing a walkthrough before the move out. This also gives Chris another month to find a new roommate and move out to a much nicer place than the place he was planning on (a place he found in a crunch that he wasn't particularly happy with).

Kinda sucks that they're having to leave their friendships aside to deal with this money/moving out mess....

Oh yeah, soo... I had a rather rude/scary awakening this morning. The roommates, Kelsey and Angel, aren't home. And probably won't be for the entire weekend. Kelsey went back home till Monday, and Angel has been partying her ass off and probably throwing up somewhere in town, away from here (thank goodness). I came home pretty late last night and fell asleep around 3 after baking blueberry muffins, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies (lol, random baking episode) and woke up this morning when I heard noises, rather voices, downstairs. It FREAKED ME OUT. I heard two or three guys talking downstairs and I was scared shitless! I was like ... WTF who are these people in my house!!!!! I texted Kelsey and asked if anyone was supposed to be here, I was thinking maybe maintenance people or something... and she didn't respond. So I locked my door and huddled in my bed and heard them come upstairs. One guy sounded like he was showing the house to the other guy, and thankfully, he didn't try to open my door!

Turns out, it was Kelsey's brother, and he was down here for the game tonight and wanted to show his friend the house. Kelsey forgot to tell me, and she WAS going to tell me this morning, but her brother had left really early and she was still sleeping. PHEW. I did think that I may need a escape rope or a pole down my window so in case someone does break into the house, I could jump out the window. lol

I guess it's none of my business, but it seems that Kelsey has broken up with her bf :( Sad to see people break up.

On a brighter side, my shipment from f21 arrived yesterday! I bought some sweaters and some sweater dress and an animal print dress, along with a zebra print bra hahaha. It was cheap and cute! I was happy that I could get the free shipping with it. I actually want to order some more stuff... except I know I probably should refrain myself from spending money in the next few weeks.

It's already 2pm, and I haven't taken a shower. Speaking of shower, THE CAT IS GONE! WOOO. I got rid of her yesterday! The past few days, when I left for class or left the house for any reason, I left her and her basket and food in the bathroom. She's been crawling out of the basket to roam around, and I didn't want her to poo everywhere in my room. Seems like she grew a bit in the past few days she's been here, and also learned that pooing in the tiles is much better than pooing in her own blanket. I was kind of growing fond of her, until she left a huge pooey mess in my bathroom yesterday, and I think overnight, the AC vent that was near the pooey mess dried it out, and it was basically glued to the floor! DISGUSTING! I tried wetting the paper towels to wipe it... fail. I tried pouring clorox on it and letting it soak before wiping it... fail. You know what DID work though? I poured pure acetone on it for a bit, then wiped it.. and voila! Gone! Strong enough to remove acrylic and nail polish... I guess strong enough to remove dried up pooey mess. So yeah, Angel took it to her friend's place, and she's gone now. I can now sleep in peace without hearing the cat cry, without Duke barking and scratching up my door because he wants to play/eat/lick the cat... and best of all, I now have a clean bathroom without dried up poo everywhere.

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Jessica Dee said...

hey hun! happy 8 months!! congratulations, almost the 1 year comming up!