Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am an awesome GF. oh.. and an intro.

Damn you girls! Made me really want to start my own blog so I can tell you guys all about my life. I'm so self-centered... oh well, better out than in!

Anyway, this is me......... in a toga LOL. Dang it looks like I'm about to have a nip slip. I DIDN'T THOUGH!

I just recently got into make up and I've been playing with it, but I've been back to my neutral-not-so-make-up-filled faces again, and I guess that's kind of good... I just don't look as polished, hahaha.

Me, without anything on face, and I guess I decided to look like a clown that day.

The bf and I, it's such a weird picture, but I love it, hahah.

Blurry....... booo.

^ a pic from my cousin's wedding. The cousin that's standing next to me is the bride's brother. Wtf is with these blurry pictures. I guess nobody has steady hands these days. I did some kinda smokey look but it got all icky cuz it was super hot out. Gross.

I love pictures. I love taking pictures of everything, especially ME. Hahahaha, not really, but I do love taking pics with the bf. Too bad we haven't had much time for it lately considering he's been on his trip, and just got back. I actually have gazillion things to do tonight, and instead, it's 2:05am and I'm sitting here making a blog. Wtf is wrong with me. I disabled facebook to have one less thing to waste my time with, and I start up another to eat up more time. UGHHH.

So I have 6 psychology quizzes to take online before Friday (anyone wanna take it for me?) my informative speech due tomorrow (I need to finish the formal outline, key word outline, cite that crap in APA... who the hell uses APA? why can't we all use MLA? fck.#$@#R$#) ... psychology exam Friday, and Ethics paper on a book I didn't read due also on Friday. So while I was working hard today to get all this done........... NOT....... I text my bf to check on what he's doing for the night, and I was planning on telling him that I was uber busy. Turns out, he's sick as a dog and he left work early (he never does that :( ) so being a super duper awesom gf, I pushed back going to the library till later and picked up some food, some soup, and went over to his place. Gave him a nice long massage (all that working out as been helping I guess, cuz I felt no burning sensation after giving him a longass massage!), then he wanted to cuddle and heated me to death....... yes, heated, he didn't exactly have a fever, but he was hotter than usual. Then he went to eat some food I brought, and when I asked if he had taken some painkillers for the aching, he says no, and that he wasn't sure if he had any. Sure enough, he was out! It was already 9:30 at this point and the library closes at midnight during the summer, I was in a hurry, but I felt bad, so I went to grab some aspirin for him, FED HIM the damn thing, then left.

Not to mention what happened last night... We were supposed to cook dinner and just hang out and catch up since he's been gone all weekend, but when I call him to see what was up, he tells me that he was going out to dinner with his coworkers and half-invited me out. It didn't really sound like he wanted me there, and I was cool with it, so I told him to go. I did mention that power was out at my place cuz a lightning struck the power line and set it on FIYAAAA. It was kinda cool. So he told me to go over to his place and wait for him..... 2 hrs later, he tells me he's finally coming, and apologized for being late, but his boss wanted to talk to him. Before he does though, he has the balls to ask me to do his damn laundry! WTF! And guess what, I did it. Why am I such an awesometastic gf? I tell myself this everyday so I don't feel bad when I act like a bitch to him.... ehehehe

Anyway, enough about him, about us, but I have a feeling I'll blog mostly about my life happenings with him and school and a little bit of make up and whatnot.

OH, and "Donnalananananana" comes from my name, and one of my best friend's name, Svetlana, somehow fused together to be donnalana, which then morphed into donnalanananana.... which some of my friends actually call me by. Just thought I'd add before I go back to my fcking alfkjlwekfj speech. Guess what it's on, GARBAGE ISLAND! Sounds gross, but it actually is an interesting topic. You all should read up!


xppinkx said...

well look at what we got here....

welcome to the crazy world of blogging woman!...

btw i love your blk and white dress

your tooooooo goooooood of a GF!

Aradani said...

lol TOO NICE!!! a boy must do his own laundry!! hahaha I definitely wouldn't be that nice to my bf if I had to put up with the same things. I would exact revenge and everything.

.. oh god, am I a bad gf??? lol uh oh.

but yay for being a blogger! since you technically have done posts ever before, I nominated you for a Premio award
= ]

heidi said...

oh yay you got a blog! ive always enjoyed your posts on abb and yours pix cuz you're so cute!

plz tell me how to disable facebook because its a huge time sucking machine.

Terrishka said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I remember your entries from ABB and always thought that you looked amazing. I'm also intrigued bu the Garbage Island speech.. could you refer me to some good reads about it?

LadyJane said...

Hey Girl, Thanks for visiting my blog. You look hot in your black and white dress. Stop doing your bf's laundry and quit procrastinating lol