Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love pictures, don't you? oh and PENIS ENVY

Please don't think I'm addicted to penis or something or that I want a penis. I figured I'd make an entry while I procrastinate once more. I realized that the psychology quizzes that are due tomorrow are extra credit, so I'm putting that off till later. I still have a 1200 word essay to write for my ethics class on old people and health care system... or something like that. Oh, not to mention, I'm still studying for my psychology exam tomorrow. Has anyone read Just Health by Norman Daniels by chance? hehehe.

So while I'm studying for my psychology exam, I started getting random thoughts. When I read up on developmental stages of a baby and how psychology works for them.... (or something like that, I don't know, I'm kinda cracked out) I started thinking of dead baby jokes. I know, awful, right? But I am a bit sleep deprived and caffeine deprived... hahaha

THEN the subject of Freud's ideas came up. I love Freud. He's so blunt and radical hahaha. The one part I read up on is developmental psychological stages of a child. There's the ORAL stage. This is the stage between the moment you're born and till you're about 1. Pleasure is derived from your mouth. Food = pleasure. Nipples = pleasure. I guess anything of that sort. Then you develop these "sexual" desires from chewing, licking, sucking.... god what a pervert. Then there's the ANAL stage. LOL. You poo and basically get pleasure from taking a crap. This is from age 2-3. Then the PHALLIC stage. Age 3-5, and this is when you develop oedipal complex or electra complex. Basically this stage, you get "pleasure" from stimulation of genitals, aka INFANTILE MASTURBATION AHAHHAHA. Then there's the latency genital stage, which isn't all that of a news, from 6-13 (puberty), and you get horny and stuff.

Yeah, I guess it's pretty interesting....... or so I thought, till I got to PENIS ENVY. HAHAHHAH. I don't know why it's so funny. Apparently, it happens in girls when they would like to be boys and reject their mothers for not having a penis. This clearly does not apply to lesbos. I think. Or does it? I heard that homosexuality is actually nature's way of putting a cap on population. So you know what that means? GAY PEOPLE ARE DEFECTS OF SOCIETY! Well, I guess that's a blunt way of saying it. They're supposedly born, with their brains wired to be attracted to the same sex. This happens in animals too.

Anyway, there's my 2 cents on homosexuality.

So... onto today's activities. I slept late, woke up late, finished my speech project, went to class looking somewhat like..
that. I think having heavy cleopatra bangs (I know most people call them chinese bangs, but it reminds me of cleopatra more than chinese people, LOL) makes my face look rounder......... Anyway. I think I had eyeliner on my top lid and ran off to class with no make up. I know I'm supposed to look "nice" during speech days, but you know what, SCREW LOOKING NICE. I love sleeping.

Anyway, fast forward a few hours, and lots of studying, my bf asks me to come out to hang out with the guys and have dinner and whatnot. I decided that I should probably take a break...... so I went out, after telling him I look like hell and told him if he didn't want to be embarrassed, I could stay back LOL. I'm such a dork. I'm not insecure about myself btw. I know that some days just aren't my days, and I honestly feel bad for HIM to have to be around me, you know? Or maybe you don't.


I rarely have noticeable bags under my eyes, but LOOK. The picture doesn't do justice on how bad it is! Even my bf noticed. He was like what! You have dark circles?!

I noticed just now, that my pictures have diff hair styles in my last post. I frequently color or change it up, cuz I honestly don't like looking the same way. And I figure, if I don't experiment at this age, when am I gonna get the balls to venture out and see what looks the best on me? (I recently cut my bangs, and my bf hates them hahaha).
So yeah, here'a chronological order of how my hair has been....... somewhat.

I can't believe I'm posting these.

2002. 8th grade. I was so damn ugly hahahaha

2003. still 8th grade, AWKWARD STAGE.

2004. Oh god, the blonde

04, freshman year, darker hair...

2005. Started to look better... oh, and my first car!

Ok. It looks like I'm gonna have to do another post on 06-08. Way too many pics from that point on and I started experimenting more. HAHAHa look at my braces. Damn I was such a dork... well I still am. So I'll leave you guys with not such an ugly-duckling childhood pic.

My cousin's son and I.


Terrishka said...

I need to take a Psych class in uni... it'd be right up my alley, but I'm already bogged down by science courses. I loved it so much though that I worked my ass off and got a 99 for Psych in high school! Haha yeah, I'm quite the nerd, but I was genuinely intrigued... :P
I've also been thinking of putting up old pics of me during my various phases in life but I don't have that many left.. I must've deleted most of them. I went through some train wreck looks LOL!

LadyJane said...

I don't miss university at all. haha. I took psych but the papers drove me insane so I took another major. Freud is completely messed up in the head. And dead baby jokes are horrible! You definitely look better with darker hair. Again, you look stunning in your black dress.