Friday, September 12, 2008

Update:9/26 APR BBQ 10/18

If any of my readers happen to drive audi/vw or have friends who do and are enthusiasts, I'd love to see you guys at the BBQ!!!!!!!!

They're having a huge sale, and depending on where you're driving from, there should be a good amount of caravans you could come along with. Currently, there are about 300 people who have RSVP'd for the event, and frankly, I'm expecting less than 30 ladies to be there (most of whom may be those crazy dubber car enthusiasts who may be a lot more masculine than the guys there lol). So break up the sausagefest and come out!!

Not only are they having a huge sale, but I could probably get you guys a good deal on other things if it doesn't work out, as the bf is the lead sales guy!

Anyway, come out, eat some free BBQ with us and hang out. It would be awesome to see any one of you out there with the rest of the crazy dubbers!! (I'll probably be disturbing the zen of the dubbers with my nissan, haha).

Looks like there are more than 460 people who have RSVP'd already. Damn!


Jennifer L said...

Girl u crack me up! LOL grab ur boy and just take pics, that's what I usually do! Granted I'm a camera whore. Plus I wanted to have a variety of pics cuz I was working on our scrapbook, took me over 2 years to finish but I finally did.
Yeah I've been having a lot of time on my hands, gotta shorten up my posts...they are way tooo long

where's this bbq at? :P

Jessica Dee said...

God I just had more cupcakes today! YUMMY! So yea, where is this thing at??

donna said...

Auburn, AL!
Grab your dubber friends and tell them about the sale, and I bet they'd be up to drive way out here!!!

Jennifer L said...

damn hella far! i live in cali girl :D

my bf is thinking about getting a new car too, he's deciding between audi or beamer

donna said...

Either way, APR can hook you up! There are local APR distributers all over socal/norcal, wherever you are!

That and APR is currently only dealing with VW/Audi/Porsche, but they're soon making a department for bimmers.

If he decides to go with Audi meanwhile... lemme know and I'll definitely get you guys the hook up ;) hahah.

Can you tell? That I've been around the bf too much. I can probably tell you as much about the products and pricing and all the sales info as he can!