Monday, September 15, 2008


Edit: My friend decided to make a collage of my pictures... haha. Thought it was cute, so I thought I'd post it up! Most of the shots are after the cut :p

Spur of the moment... impulsive...haircut. hahaa. Well, I originally wanted it shorter than my first cut from back in April, but the stylist talked me out of it. He was totally flirting with me btw :p Hahaha. Anyway, he was like, please reconsider for one more minute! He gave me a few options and told me that he wanted to give me waves in my hair and thought it'd look great on me. I actually didn't have time for a perm, so I just got the cut and I love it! I kinda look like a mushroom... like Toad from Mario lol. The bf saw me and thought I did too, and I think he's still getting used to it. But with this cut, at least I can grow it out without having longer lengths up front and shorter in the back, and looking all funny.

The layers he gave me is great. Even the bf noticed and said that I had two distinct layers and could see the top layer flowing over the bottom. Anyway, the stylist gave me his schedule and number in case I wanted to come back and get my hair done again... which I'm planning on! Anyway, onto pics that don't do justice. I will upload ones that look better later! (I know I always say this... haha).

Update: More pics!

You can tell that I'm working diligently at the library :p


Terrishka said...

Super cute! :D

Jessica Dee said...

awww it is cuute ;] it's a more sophisticated looking!

fuzkittie said...

Hi Donna! You're ADORABLE!!! :D Correct me if I'm wrong, were you on ABB? I think I've seen you before when I still visited it.

You look like you wear really cute things, mind showing some outfits? :]

LadyJane said...

Cute. So brave of you to have short hair. I've been comtemplating for years to get a bob. Can't wait to see you get a perm if you do decide on it.

xppinkx said...

prima donna!

you look soooo young and innocent now!!!

i def. wann see how it looks like with a curling iron...

you look like a lady!

sweet =)

Joanne said...

your hair looks great! You look so professional like you should be carrying a brief case and wearing black pantent mary janes.