Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MAC Mineralized finish

^ that is AWESOME. It's all I've been wearing since I bought it! All I do is dab on some concealer on my dark circles, and use the matte part all over my face (one coat) and then highlight the cheek bones, down my nose, and occasionally on the brow bones with the shimmery side and it gives me a nice golden bronze and glowy look. I LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Besides that, I've redone my nails, so now they're all uniform and not chipped... and look professionally done. I did traditional french tips, and shaped my nails to be square. My mom actually sells OPI nail polishes, so I grabbed a few and I've been using them.

I may or may not do a tutorial, but I've gotten pretty good at swiping a perfect straight line of white tip across my nails with my right hand, and my left hand has gotten pretty steady. Still, I need to clean it up, so the best way I've found to do this, is take a Q-tip, dip it in nail polish remover, make sure it's not dripping the liquid, and neatly clean up the messy line you may or may not have created. Then add the top coat! I prefer using a pink-tinted color as a base before doing the tips, so the pinks of your nails are a bit more vibrant and not so muted.

I need to take few pics of how my face looks with the mineralized finish, I guess a side with, and a side without the mac fix+ (it's been great even without the fix+ so I haven't been using it). My face pretty much looks flawless and I'm wearing less than I have before! How awesome is that? I've also managed to lighten up my make up bag (while cleaning it out).

My everyday look has been:
face: concealer, mac mineralized skinfinish
eyes: HIP paint in Secret (sometimes), koji eye talk (just about everyday now), mac liquidlast, bare natural mascara
lips: BURT'S BEES. I normally use the regular yellow capped one, but I've recently purchased some shimmery pink one, and I guess I could do a swatch for it, but it's super cute!

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting more colored contacts, I currently have hazel and sapphire blue or something from acuvue 2. It sucks that I have to purchase 2 boxes every time I buy a new color, since my eyes have different prescriptions! Soo...

I'm definitely getting Gray...

But I'm torn between turquoise and green. Do I want a bright one or another subtle color?


Jessica Dee said...

hey hun! It's about time you post! LOL You've been mia for too long! BUT BOO!! NO pictures ;p I thought I was gona get to see your nails. I was gona do a nail art tut but then I ran out of nail glue to do the gems. DAGNABBIT lol

Jennifer L said...

hey hun i say u go for gray and green

i used to work at an optometry office, so i'd try out many different pairs for fun LOL I find those 2 colors more natural compared to the other colors

i'm wtih jessica i wanna see pic woman :D