Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I love my schedule. Every M/W/F + Saturday, Sunday is an off day for me. Too bad I have a stats exam and my paper due tomorrow. Oh well!

So yesterday, after my classes, I headed over to the LI-BARRY. With plenty of food, of course. And instead of studying, since I knew I had today to do it, I sat around and took silly pictures with my friend, lol.

And this will continue.... today! Ahahaha.


Jessica Dee said...

Aww are you on your mac book ;] You're eyebrows are perfectly fine woman! I think they fit your face perfectly! And they look really low maintenance! I'd die for some low maintenance brows!

donna said...

I really wanted arched and neatly shaped brows like yours! Except I don't think I can make it happen with the places my eyebrow grows. I wish my eyebrow line was a bit lower, and I hear a straight line brow would fit a longer shaped face, so I've been trying to slowly get rid of this small arch I have, lol. Kinda hard though, to deviate away from your current brows, knowing that it'll take a bit to grow back... so if you mess up... hahha