Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Update!

Quickie update before I head to lab. It's been a while since I updated so I don't even know where to begin, but I'll start off with the cupcakes I baked for a good friend of mine yesterday.

Today is his birthday but I decided to bake him some cupcakes (my friend made the sweet potato cake) yesterday since I'm busy today.

Last night the bf and I went to Birmingham to pick up his car (finally!) after a month and a half of being up there. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and slowly headed down... and I think that was about it for yesterday aside from a random Waffle House run at 2am in the morning earlier that day, to videochat fest from 3-430am then waking up at 9 to head over to campus since my friend was buying lunch. After all that, we baked stuff, did a mini-celebration, then I headed off to take the bf to his beloved car.

Tonight the bf is cooking pasta for me, and I'm helping him back since.... dun dun dun... he bought a house! He will be closing on the house next Thursday, but the lease for the apt is up on Tuesday, so he'd have to pack everything by tomorrow night (since he leaves for Maryland for h2o on Saturday morning) and have it moved into the garage of the new house. Hectic!

Tomorrow though, the friends and I are planning on heading to Atlanta for some fun, then an up-in-the-air plan for Six Flags on Saturday. The bf returns Sunday, but I will be back home to do some tutoring and picking up my new contacts! Woo! Anyway, lab is calling my name. I should head out, ciao!


Jennifer L said...

yum i love cupcakes

ur friend looks like a korean actor :P

miemiemie said...

cupcakes!:) i suddenly feel hungry..

LadyJane said...

Mmm cupcakes. Must be nice to have a place of his own. Can't wait til my bf stops renting from his annoying tenants.